The Ship Moves Backwards

Follow me on a ship, watch me swim the way I used to
This longing must end soon or the water should carry me back to you

I know in my heart that it’s wrong to long like this
But I don’t know how to restrict such a sickness

This weight stands heavy on the ocean floor
I think it’s enough to cough up the shore

If you’re tired from swimming and you feel like standing…
I can be your hearts new landing

Just remember in the dust when the waves seize to lift
That I was the one who invented the ship

And it’s fine to move on with sailors from the west
Your heart won’t remember that I was the best

Move on through her skies that have blinded before
Be proud you still see, should you return to the shore

And if not I will wait every single day
As the madness creeps in I will push it away

Thinking of your love which palms in her hand
I fall back on myself and find love in the sand

As the ink moves backwards your face appears
In the bowels of the ocean I trace my tears

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