2 New Music Videos

HAPPY 2013
Here are two new music videos I made last year. I hope you enjoy them and I look forward to sharing more of my work with you all this year!!

"Come To Life" by Lots of Love from Rachel Fleischer on Vimeo.

Lots of Love - Holiday Cover Song from Rachel Fleischer on Vimeo.

In The Studio



I'm currently in the midst of recording an album of my music with the insanely talented musician/songwriter/producer Blake Collins!!  I look forward to sharing our album with you in 2013.
In the meantime you can stay updated with my album by following my Facebook Music Page here.

New Music From Blake Collins

Blake Collins who is producing my forthcoming album is a very talented song writer who is set to release his new EP A Bell Locks In early next year.  Check out his pledge music campaign and get your free download of his new song "Mystery Girl".  ENJOY!!

Lace & Seafoam

In the orange bloom of a single day
You can be pulled or stripped of all that you built
You dance through seafoam over complicating the waves as you drink them
Filling up your shallow corpse
As the sun peels away your mask, it‘s only love that makes you whole
To pretend otherwise just makes the clouds ache

Your lips paint my heart with swelling saffron rings
Your hands follow the sullen light in my eyes
You’ve studied the sea, made azure voyages across my heart
Sewn the phosphorous and lace back to the tide
Woven tiny moons through my wet braids
Embedded melodies into my pregnant veins
You know everything
You’ve already seen my soul

Silence The Bedrooms

Silence the bedrooms
Remove the orphans
Distill my soul and ask me home
Take me out of the velvet chrome
Shrink the moon
Shatter the stars
This loneliness was never ours
A false idea of how to feel
A way through time that wasn’t real
Bring forth the golden orb
Synch your face up to throb with God’s
This symphony once incomplete
Now sings with you peacefully to sleep

In A Dream

I'm currently in the studio recording my first album with the incredible songwriter & producer Blake Collins. The album will be finished in 2013. Stay in touch with me here for updates.


In the absence of wars and camouflaged corpses
I surrender to the disease
Throbbing backwards my heart hangs on in slow motion
Struggling to contain composure and remember its name
Traveling through French factories, exploring military museums,
Hibernating in caverns and sweating in tunnels it wants to stay pure at all costs
Would rather go down in flames than surrender to something in pill form
With time white waves will unveil what no one else could say
A simple screen with a mouth and eyes
Lips opening to make room
The roots of trees clinging viciously to old patterns in the soil
If it’s all true than these words are just for you