Summer 2008

The walls in my memory are leaking
Kisses older than a century are finding their way back to my eyes
And the quarter moon is falling off the sky
Gliding on the tracks of an old ship
We move without thinking
Waiting to transpire
Misting through time
It's enough just to swallow
And your eyes...
Though I may never look into them again
Are forever burned into the pathways of my grandmother’s memory
My heart chimes for steel
Wooden panels house the umbrellas of love I could feel for you
But choose not to
Because it’s better to love myself
Better to wait for someone else
Who can hold my hand under all the colors of a cloud
And not look to the ocean for love
The telescope waits in my heart for something to start
Black marbles mutate
and the sea tries to part
I can’t remember everything about our night
Your stomach bent to kiss my soul
Your hands and fingers linger
in the spaces where palm and honey are useless
Maybe it’s just the month,
the moon
the time that’s passed since last I was loved
Your eyes are blue like an unknown shadow
The quality of your skin
The brown in your hair
Your voice
Everything about it fades from my mind
but not my heart
And who you are to me…
A passing fancy while my soul retreats
A tidal wave planted in the soil sprouting upwards towards the sea
Find the grey in my eyes while the ships move backwards
Find me at the top of the bottom
where the waves are yellow and the light is cracked
Tiny flowers sprout where once I was halved
In the waiting rooms where faces hold tight
Your love finds it useless to pace or hold steady
On the ferris wheels
where the young girls squeal
cutting lines though the moon
They will shadow the doom
As the room starts to spread
Move away like a candle
In the dark you can see
it’s only love you can handle

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