I Will Not Enter The Season With You

We will not speak of ex loves or travels to cities where words are lovingly lost and longer shadows are born.
I will not enter the season with you

Together we will speak of movies, books, music and friends you’ve met whose names you don’t know.
Poetic themes are hinted at, alluded to and given distant affection in the background of your imagination.

Occasionally your eyes will hold on me for enough time to feel like a wall in your heart has been broken;
but then it will be fastidiously built again and we will circle through this gray world together until one of us must leave it and then who knows...

But I like the experiences, the feelings, the uncertainty, the questions that are not answered.

On certain nights our hands loosely feel away from each other
Our breath like two cities, respectively moving from the center of water and light to find new homes on opposite shores of the small universe we momentarily lived in.

All that I had to lose stands before me and it isn’t so much.
But through the wants and vulnerable desires that leak across my heart I hear a voice just as pure…

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