In Some Other Room

In some other room
We could be in love
But in this room
It’s just too tough
You’d have to leave her
I’d have to believe you

From the bottom of my heart I’d do nothing but kiss you
From the top of the moon I’d miss you
Up in the clouds, we’d stare at the stars
In some other world this night was all ours

Why can’t it be easy?
It’s been so long
I miss what I lost
But it’s already gone

Stealing kisses from the man, who gave birth to my scars
We flee from the place we all were born
But I’m not afraid to return to the war

What was love will be loss
But the rest will be found
Synch up with the sky and inherit the ground
For in this life there’s no telling what’s left
For in this life there’s no telling what’s next

The dances we do
The hearts that we loose
Just to believe and just to prove
It’s silly that time plays tricks on the mind
We try to perceive the ghosts through the wine

But just when we start to sink with the ships
The saline obliges to bend with our lips
The caverns are crossed, the waves are embossed
Her scent lifts you up through the towns you forgot

Remember this night
My love etched in your eyes
I felt your hands
Dancing patterns upon my thighs

Who knows what another coast will prove
That we should find love
Or that time is a fool

My heart is a ship that circles the tide
It wants to believe that love does not die

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