Prelude to Summer - To Wait is To Love?

You wait so long for something to happen
And then you wait for it to end
Why we don’t stop and believe in the present and the future
Instead of a past that mind as well not exist
The lines blur and history can change
Worlds melt and hearts are unbroken
Is it so much to ask for love to be spoken
And born when the lights are softer and the liquid is now warm
I could feed you or love you or swallow you
In the end my love wouldn’t change
I would still hold out the same heart and ask for something greater than words
Oceans aren’t forbidden and the lights change again
I travel endlessly through the coffins of time
Searching for the flickering heart
The screen with two eyes
That inhales my scent and sees the flames on my flesh
The danger of hope
The need to be whole
The smell of pink and summer as it changes
I am whole on my own and no matter what I will be fine
It’s just that in moments like these I long for love
For something outside of myself
And still I know I am enough


* * * * * said...

beautiful rachel. read it a couple times. thanks for sharing*

Sean said...

Awesome...really captures the struggle between two where everything is okay, and one where everything is not. Have to keep choosing the first one!

Sean said...
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