A Wedding, A Poem

Lili & Elijah got married in Gien, France on June 26, 2010
I was lucky enough not only to go to the wedding and take part in the magic that was the ceremony...

But I also had the honor of writing and reading a poem about their love...


In a golden room love hangs
Suspended by a network of glowing veins
And in the quiet shadows something infinite was born

Crowds have gathered to bear witness
To swim and soak in their magnificence

Amidst the chaos and the yellow
Two ethereal beings pave the way for the parade
Faces so beautiful you simply weep
Their love drips in a melody
Flooding the streets

And new oceans are born
Boundless compassion carries them across the violet shores of time
And now all the world looks on
As heartbreak is converted into hope
Never before have two souls been so close
So pure, so sweet, so light In love

Priveleged to witness this spectacle
As their hearts grow bigger while melting together

And tonight in our slumbers
We'll dream as one
Humbled by time
And the spell of love
We are under

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